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Hello i'm Polly
At Life in Product, we're more than just a consultancy - we're a community of product professionals who come together to support organisations with the full product cycle, from ideation through to marketing. 

Simplifying journeys is my passion

My name is Polly Dhaliwal

As a product consultant with years of experience, I've learned that simplicity is key when creating products. No matter how intricate the concept, the end goal is always to create a product that is easy to use and navigate. I take a holistic approach to any project, looking at the user's journey and how they interact with the product or service. With a focus on user experience, I'll work with you to create a journey that meets your specific needs while delivering an exceptional experience to your end users.

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My other passion is building meaningful communites

Since starting Life in Product, I have been dedicated to building a community where product professionals can come together and share their knowledge and expertise. With the goal of setting their products apart from the rest, we focus on the importance of building a strong community. Join us and gain access to a wide range of resources designed to help you build a successful product.

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